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Electronic books have changed the public's reading habits, and millions worldwide now read books, magazines, and other content on ...

1. Shocking Statistics about children's reading'

1. In a study, researchers found that approximately the third graders with below basic reading skills did not graduate their high school, at the age of 19. Moreover, third graders who are proficient in reading are more likely to graduate from high school compared to below basic readers, at the age of 19.

2. Reading not only improves language skills but also cognitive skills. A study by researchers found that students who are proficient in reading are more likely to do better in math and science than students at bottom readers.

3. An analysis of merely 10 million students found that 18 % of students read more than 30 minutes per day compared to 28% who read 15- 29 minutes. In contrast, more than half of the students read less than 15 minutes. Students who read more than 15 minutes have seen great reading gains compared to other peers.

4. 62% of children said that they enjoy reading books in summer. On an average kid read 8 books, In contrast, 20% of kids in lower-income families did not even read a single book.

5. A study found that reading books reduces stress by 68% when compared to listening to music, walking or having a cup of coffee.

6. The researchers from the University of California found out that compared to television, children can increase their vocabulary by 50 percent by reading books.

2. Importance of reading for children

Reading from early childhood has many benefits. The main advantages of book reading are as follows:
  • Neurological
  • Social
  • Linguistic
  • Educational
Neurological benefits:

Reading books not only has some educational benefits but also increases attention span. In this era, mobile phones have improved the ability to multitask and it splits our attention. The neuroscientist Susan through his experiment explained that a constant book reading actually increases attention span, especially in children.

Social Benefits:

Children increase their ability to feel empathy for others when they read books. Children are more likely to read fiction books than any other, these books augment and help them understand life better. A study by Keith Oatley from the University of Toronto found that, while reading fictional books they get into the shoes of the characters and get involved. Moreover, children who are more interested in reading poets can better adapt to evolving situations and behaviors.

Linguistic benefits:

Reading fosters language development. Children exposed to more knowledge and ideas when they start reading at an early age. Linguistic benefits such as improved writing skills, grammar, richer vocabulary, better spelling. These skills enable children to communicate more effectively and make them do better in scholastic areas.

Educational benefits:

Reading books has great educational benefits. It increases their imagination power, creativity which plays a very vital role in learning other subjects. A study by researchers found that students who are proficient in reading are more likely to do better in math and science than other peers.

3. ReadMark & ReadMark Index

Reading is a skill. Though every student learns to read at a very young age, there are few students who read for the sheer pleasure of reading, gaining knowledge or even enhancing their vocabulary. Reading becomes a chore to pass an exam, complete a course, mandatory task to be done. Performance in competitive exams, higher education and career hinge heavily on the ability of a person to read effectively and efficiently. It is a key skill in the professional life-cycle that shapes your personality and also impacts your ability to write and express yourself.
But do students really know how to read effectively? What are the benefits of "reading"? Abhyaas Edu Technologies Private Ltd (AETPL) brings to you, ReadmarkR, an exclusive online product to enhance your reading ability so that you can read with ease and ace all competitive exams.
Readmark provides you with a set of books accompanied by a quiz. The product consists of two levels, with a separate set of 8 books in each level. The genres are primarily fiction including short stories, fables, adventure, mystery, thriller, exposing the reader to a variety of authors. The quiz needs to be taken after completion of the book and will contain 50 questions based on vocabulary, reading and content of the book(memory-based). There is a weightage attached to each question and the final score will be out of 100.

Benefits derived from using Readmark
  • Enhanced vocabulary
  • Developing ease in reading & comprehension capability
  • Eclectic reading provides exposure to different reading genres
  • Developing ability to analyse characters& situations
Suitable for: 12 years & above.

There are various competitive exams that depend on the test taker's ability to read and comprehend with ease. Some of them are listed below.

Job - Campus Recruitment, Bank exams, Government exams, Civil Services

Readmark is not a substitute to prepare for the above exams. It is an aid that will complement the preparation for these exams.

Readmark has 2 levels with a different set of books at each level

Level 1:
Target Audience: Beginners to reading books,
Benefits: Comfortably read newspaper and editorials, reduced fear of English, Overcome inhibition in English-speaking groups.
Level 2:
Target Audience: Average readers
Benefits: Ability to read eclectic selection of books and comprehend, Confidence to approach competitive exams with increased speed of reading and inferring questions.

4. Why only Readmark?

Cloud access
  • Readmarks content
  • Read mark content calculator
User friendly Interface
  • Readmark book club
  • Guidance by experts
Track record and customer support

Even Though, We have many sources for information like books, online blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc children don't read, as all the information will not be fascinating. Readmark content calculator first filters the interest and then provides content based on their niche and genre (such as sci-fi, adventure, mystery, non-fiction, fiction, realistic) and gives access to thousands of books on our Readmark cloud.
There is a Readmark book club where one can meet like-minded people. They can have an online chat through which they can share their views, ideas and discuss a particular topic.

Readmark eliminates your bad reading habits:

Readmark not only helps you to read a book but also eliminate your bad reading habits like loss of attention, one word at a time, sub vocalization, lack of comprehension, skipping back, environment. After using Readmark students can notice a change in their reading style.

Track your record and improvise yourself:

Readmark is the only platform where an individual can track progress and can see their improvement. After finishing each task they will be rewarded with points where they can compare with other peers and feel motivated.